This is a Haikyuu x Pokemon trading card game (TCG) project. We aim to create an entire deck of cards along with various merch items. The intention is for it to be a collector's item for fans of both series rather than for gameplay.The theme is Slice of Life, featuring the Haikyuu characters as Pokemon trainers. It will include both anime and manga content, with the possibility of spoilers.The TCGs will be for-profit, PG13, fully SFW, with no romantic ships.



    Check our CuriousCat Questions & Answers here.What is a zine?
    - A fanzine, or zine, is a term used to describe unofficial fanmade publications which usually contain written fiction and artworks.
    What is This Side of Paradise?
    - Our previous, completed zine featuring Haikyuu characters traveling through the Pokemon regions.
    What is Blue Paradise?
    - The current TCG project with a Slice of Life theme. Haikyuu characters will be drawn with their Pokemon partners to make up a full deck of cards.
    Is this project a zine?
    - No. There will be no printed book. The products include a card deck and various merch items.
    Can you provide more info on the types of cards?
    - If you are accepted as a contributor, we will guide you through the whole process. We have also created a PowerPoint with more details.
    How many contributors are you looking for?
    - There will be 1 box artist, 15 card artists, and 5 merch artists. Every card artist is required to draw 2-3 cards. The exact number of contributors is subject to change. Unfortunately, we will not be accepting writers at this time.
    How will contributors be compensated?
    - All contributors are guaranteed at least a digital copy of the cards and merch. We would like to compensate contributors with a full bundle and paid shipping if we make enough profits. However, if the project does not break even, contributors will receive the digital copy and all items will be available at production price.
    - Contributors must be over 18 to receive any monetary compensation or have a parent or guardian with a Paypal account. If they are below the age of 18, the applicant is ineligible to receive any monetary compensation unless they have a parent/guardian with a Paypal account due to Paypal's terms and services.
    What characters will be included?
    - We will primarily feature any characters that exist in the Haikyuu anime or manga, and any Pokémon (creatures) from Generations 1-9. Characters from Pokémon games and anime may appear but should not be the focus.
    Who can contribute?
    - All mods are 18+ with prior relevant experience.
    - Contributors should be 16 or older by the time of applying. Prior zine experience is not necessary.
    How can I apply as a contributor?
    - Card artists and merch artists are required to submit a portfolio of 5-10 works. We are looking for the ability to draw both characters and animals, as well as backgrounds.
    - Please apply through our Google Forms here.
    Do I need to have Haikyuu or Pokémon works in my portfolio?
    - It is not mandatory, but strongly recommended that you have Haikyuu or Pokemon artworks in your application.
    Will you accept traditional artworks?
    - Yes, we will accept traditional artworks. Please ensure that you can provide a clean scan with a minimum resolution of 300dpi for your final piece, and include examples in your portfolio.
    Who are the mods for this zine?
    - All mods are listed on our Mods page.
    For other questions, send them to our CuriousCat or Twitter DMs.


    Interest CheckOct 15 - Nov 17
    Contributor AppsNov 26 - Jan 7
    Contributor ResultsJan 14
    Concept CheckJan 22
    Check-in #1Feb 11
    Check-in #2Mar 3
    Final SubmissionsMar 31
    PreordersJuly 7 - Aug 7
    Production & ShippingAug - Nov

    * This schedule is tentative and is subject to change.


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