This is a travel and journey-themed crossover fanbook featuring characters from Haikyuu!! by Haruichi Furudate in travelling and exploring the different regions of the Pokémon world! The zine will include single-page and spread illustrations, written stories and various types of physical merchandise.

The zine will feature the eight core Pokémon regions or generations: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola and Galar. Any Haikyuu character that has appeared from the beginning to end of the canon manga and anime can be included in the zine!

The zine is strictly PG13, fully SFW and general (no romantic ships).

Now in production phase.


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What is a zine?
A fanzine, or zine, is a term used to describe unofficial fanmade publications which usually contain written fiction and artworks.
What is the theme of this zine?
The theme of this zine is travel and journey, featuring Haikyuu!! characters exploring the Pokémon world. The zine will include Pokémon from the eight core game regions and generations: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola and Galar.
What is the rating of this zine?
This zine is a strictly SFW, PG13 zine.
Will the zine be physical or digital?
This will be an A5 physical zine with physical merch + PDF.
Will this zine be for-profit or for-charity?
This zine is for profit, and all net profits after covering the production and shipping costs will be split amongst the contributor team (mods, writers, and artists) via PayPal.
How many contributors are you looking for?
The zine will have 1 cover artist, 24 page artists, 5 merch artists and 5 writers including guests. We have a total of 5 guests, and will be accepting 21 page artists, 4 merch artists and 5 writers.
How will contributors be compensated?
All contributors are guaranteed at least a digital PDF copy of the zine. We would like to compensate contributors with a full bundle and paid shipping if we make enough profits. However, if the zine does not break even, contributors will receive a free digital copy of the zine, and all items will be available at production price.Contributors must be over 18 to receive any monetary compensation or have a parent or guardian with a Paypal account. If they are below the age of 18, the applicant is ineligible to receive any monetary compensation unless they have a parent/guardian with a Paypal account due to Paypal's terms and services.
Will there be ships featured in this zine?
This will be a general zine, so we will not include any ships that are not canon in the Haikyuu!! anime or manga.
What characters will be included in this zine?
This zine will primarily feature any characters that exist in the Haikyuu anime or manga, and any Pokémon (creatures) from Generations 1 through 8. Characters from Pokémon games and anime can appear, but the focus should be on Haikyuu characters in Pokémon world.
Are manga spoilers ok?
Yes, manga spoilers are ok. If you are anime-only, please proceed with caution.
Who can contribute to this zine?
All mods are 18+ with prior relevant experience.Contributors should be 16 or older by the time of application to the zine. Prior zine experience is not necessary.
How can I apply as a contributor?
Contributor applications are now closed.
Do I need to have Haikyuu or Pokémon works in my portfolio?
This is a zine featuring Haikyuu characters in the Pokémon world, so there should be Haikyuu and Pokémon works in your portfolio, whether you apply as an artist or writer. Please see our Contributor App Guidelines for more detailed information!
Will you accept traditional artworks?
Yes, we will accept traditional artworks. Please ensure that you can provide a clean scan with a minimum resolution of 300dpi for your final piece, and include examples in your portfolio.
Will mods be allowed to apply as contributors?
Yes, mods can apply as contributors through the contributor application forms, and will not be allowed to judge themselves throughout the selection process.
Who are the mods for this zine?
All mods are listed on our Mods page.
For other questions, send them to our CuriousCat or Twitter DMs.


Interest Check20 May - 20 Jun
Mod Apps30 Jun - 21 Jul
Mod Results25 Jul
Mod AnnouncementsRolling
Contributor Apps01 Aug - 01 Sep
Contributor Results12 - 19 Sep
Concept Check26 Sep
Check-in #126 Oct
Check-in #226 Nov
Final Submissions26 Dec - 07 Jan
PreordersFeb - March
Production & ShippingApril onwards

* This schedule is tentative and is subject to change.


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